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Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 29, 42 Issues, 2022
ISSN: 1875-533X (Online)
ISSN: 0929-8673 (Print)
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Authors' Comments

"Many thanks for your letter. I'm delighted to work with Bentham Science and publish my papers in your respective journals. My experience with Bentham journals is the best that I ever had. Hopefully, we will continue to cooperate in the future too."

Mentor Sopjani
(Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina, 10000 Prishtine, Kosova)

"It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to contribute articles to Current Medicinal Chemistry, which is a leading international journal in the medicinal chemistry domain. We would like to express our great appreciations to the editors and the reviewers for the constructive advice shared with us for the revision of our manuscripts. The suggestions were really helpful! Additionally, it is really a great pleasure to collaborate with the managers of Bentham Science Publications since they are kind and helpful. I am looking forward to continue working with the team of Bentham Science Publishers in the near future."

Jiahua Cui
(Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, State Key Laboratory of Chirosciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, China)

"It is a pleasure to contribute to the journal, Current Medicinal Chemistry, Bentham Science Publications.

As a feedback on the quality of your services, I can say that working with Bentham Science Publishers is rewarding as we find agility, warmth and support for our work. The editor has highly trained professionals, top-level reviewers and quality editorial support. The publication is highly recommended with praise."

Manuela Merlin Laikowski
(Laboratory of Natural and Synthetics Products, University of Caxias do Sul, Caxias do Sul, Brazil)

"I have a nice and meaningful experience with Bentham Science since my first trial of someone else's manuscript to the first time independent delivery of manuscript. I really learned a lot through this experience, and your patient and kind service impressed me a lot. Thank you very much for your serious and responsible attitude for all the manuscripts! Thanks to all the managers and editors!"

Qicai Xiao
(School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Shenzhen), Sun Yat-sen University, 135 Xingang Xi Road, Guangzhou, 510275, China)

" I would like to thank Bentham Science Publishers for providing the opportunity to contribute in the Current Medicinal Chemistry. I must admit that the publication process took its time but it was worth it. It is a great pleasure to collaborate with your staff. "

Federica Pollastro
(Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco, Largo Donegani, 2 -  28100, Novara)

"I am writing in response to your request for our feedback regarding our experience of working with Bentham Science Publishers. We are very happy to say that the staff was friendly, cooperative and informative. The reviewer's comments on this article were submitted and he/she made comprehensive suggestions for posibble changes which we gladly took on board. "

Barbara Bobrowska Korczak
(Department of Bromatology, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland, Banacha 1, 02-097 Warsaw, Poland)

"I am greatly honored in working with Bentham Science Publisher and I will continue to work with your team in the near future."

Gjumrakch Aliev
(Department of Biomedical and Biological Chemistry, Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds, Russian Academy of Science, 142432 , Chernogolovka, Moscow region)

"Thank you very much for your kind attention.

It was a pleasure to be invited to contribute with a review in your journal.

The Editorial Office has been very efficient, and we have really appreciated all the suggestions received from the referees and the editor."

Roberto Mandrioli
(University of Bologna - Dept. for Life Quality Studies Corso d'Augusto 237, Rimini, RN 47921, Italy)

"This is not the first time for us to work with Bentham. Unlike before, this time we are very satisfied with the fast and useful review process. The editorial system and paper managements was professional and very helpful for us. I will recommend Bentham to my colleagues. "

Tamara Lazarević-Pašti
(Department of Physical Chemistry, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade, M. Petrovica Alasa 12-14, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia)

"I have worked with Bentham for ten years and I believe that the high quality of their journals is worth highlighting. I am grateful especially to the journal Current Medicinal Chemistry for its very fast processing of revision and publication. I believe that my paper will be of interest to the researchers of many universities and the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and the biomedical industries."

Estibaliz Sansinenea
(Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, C.P. 72570, Puebla, Pue, Mexico)

"Our experience with Bentham Science Publishers has been extremely positive throughout the process. We agreed on deadlines, fees and topic without any delay, and the editorial assistance we received has been professional, efficient and precise"

Chiara Ambrogio
(Department of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, United States)

"Overall my work experience was good. I got prompt replies and guidance. I only faced difficulty in responding to reviewers comments as I had to make major revisions in my article and the time given was only 23 days. I have experience with other journals (Journal of Protein Chemistry for example) and got 1 month for major revision with 15 days extension making a total of 45 days"

Humera Waheed
(Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi, Karachi- 75270, Pakistan)

"The experience of working with Bentham, which is not the first time for me, was excellent. I found the editorial system and paper management very useful, simple and helpful for the authors. I would recommend Bentham to my colleagues too."

Ignazio Grattagliano
(Italian College of General Practitioners Bari, Italy)

"On behalf of all the authors, I would like to congratulate you and all contibutors of Bentham Science Publishers. I assure you that the submission procedure, review of our manuscript and overall contact with the journal was excellent. You are all very professionals and very helful, I enjoyed our collaboration."

Ourania E. Tsitsilonis
(Section of Animal & Human Physiology, Department of Biology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Panepistimiopolis, Athens 15784, Greece)

"Thank you for your cooperation in helping us publish our paper in the journal "Current Medicinal Chemistry". It has beeen a positive experience for me."

Jan Aaseth
(Department of Research, Innlandet Hospital Trust, 2380 Brumunddal, Norway)

"My publishing experience with “Current Medicinal Chemistry” has been fantastic. The editorial team was really professional and helpful throughout the entire editorial process"

Chor Yong Tay
(Nanyang Technological University - School of Materials Science and Engineering Singapore, Singapore)

"Thank you for your e-mail. The experience with Betham Science Publishers was overall good, "

Javier Rodríguez Carrio
(Area of Immunology, Department of Functional Biology, University of Oviedo, Asturias , Spain)

"Thank you for presenting us the opportunity to work with you. To interact with Bentham Science Publishers has been an experience in some words pleasant and other strenuous. I appreciate working with people who work for Bentham Science Publishers. I’ve realized that they are very busy and this makes their job more than respectable."

Pasquale Pagliaro
(Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, University of Turin, Torino, Italy)

"I appreciate the comments of the reviewers, which have made our manuscript more stronger."

Youngjoo Byun
(College of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Korea University, P.O. Box: 30019, Sejong City, South Korea)

"I would like to thank Bentham Science Publishers for their efficient handling of our recent manuscript in Current Medicinal Chemistry (CMC). The entire review and editorial process were dealt with to our utmost satisfaction. In this connection, we would especially like to mention Ms Beenish Anwer for being so prompt and efficient in answering our queries and addressed some unexpected issues that surfaced during the review process. The comments by all reviewers on the manuscript were constructive and focused which had helped improve the presentation of the review article. I have published papers including reviews in many journals over the years, CMC should be ranked one the best in terms of its editorial and publication processes. Thank you."

Eng-Ang Ling
(Emeritus Professor, Department of Anatomy, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, 117597, Singapore)

"Thank you very much for your email. We are very grateful for your very professional collaboration and service. This review paper is more significant to research and clinical practice than to pharmaceutical industry.

Thank you once again and we will certainly consider Bentham Science Publications for future work!"

Dr. Janko Samardži
(Institute of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade, Dr Subotica 1, 11129 Belgrade, Serbia)

"Thanks for reviewing and publishing our review paper. I am very impressed with your review process which is efficient and responsive. The reviewers’ feedbacks are detailed, truly constructive and helpful."

Dr. Wenhui Song
(DUCL Centre for Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine, Division of Surgery & Interventional Science, University College London, London, United Kingdom, NW3 2PF, )

"I thank you for your prompt and professional services and I look forward for more publications with your esteemed journal."

Dr. Hala Gali-Muhtasib
(Department of Biology and 2Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiology, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon)

"I would like to say some words about the collaboration with Bentham Science Publishers. First of all, Bentham Science Publishers controls accurately and carefully the submitted manuscripts before accepting and publishing them. This reflects at the high standard of the published articles."

Dr. Dr. Felix-Martin Werner
(Euro Akademie Pößneck, c/o Institute of Neuroscience of Castilla and León, Salamanca, Spain)

"Publishing with Bentham in my experience has always been a great pleasure; I never had problems or unnecessary delays, and regarding the points raised by the Referee's .Even if they required a lot of changes, it always led to an improvement in the manuscript quality; thus, a special thanks for the referee's work and quality.

I would also like to appreciate the Editor of the journal, as he was able to select competent people for this crucial task.

Additionally, it is always a pleasure to read articles published in Current Medicinal Chemistry; owing to their quality and the up-to-date topics .Current Medicinal Chemistry is one of the few journals that I check every month. In particular, my last submission is of interest for both pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.”"

Dr. L. Costantino
(University of Modena e Reggio, Modena, Italy)

"I Working with Bentham Science Publishers has been a great experience. I found rare professional qualities together with great flexibility and cooperative attitude in all theemployees of Bentham Science Publishers."

Dr. Sandra Moreno
(Dept. of Science, University, Rome, Italy)

"“It is an honor to work with Bentham Science Publishers; one of the most famous publishers in the fields of pharmacology and biotechnology. I am looking forward to making more valuable contributions to it in near future”."

Dr. B. Wang
(Key Laboratory of Cancer Prevention and Intervention of Ministry of Education, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China)

"“Current Medicinal Chemistry” is a very informative and invaluable journal. I have been reading this journal for many years. I have benefitted a lot from it, and strongly recommend this journal to all the researchers in the medicinal chemistry field."

Dr. Peng Zhan
(Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Key Laboratory of Chemical Biology (Ministry of Education), Jinan, Shandong, P.R.China)

"I am very much satisfied with the management of Bentham Science Publishers. Their email query response time as well as the processing time of manuscript is excellent. I am quite satisfied with the quality of reviews, and I wish them the very best for future."

Prof. Dr. Harald Mangge
(The Research Unit on Lifestyle and Inflammation-associated Risk Biomarkers, Austria)

"Our article was published in the special issue, “Chemistry and Biology of Antioxidants” of Current Medicinal Chemistry at Bentham Science Publishers. Our experiences with the Manager Graphics Ms. Naila Rafique and Senior Manager Publications Ms. Beenish Anwer were very positive. Both of them were not only professional, effective and helpful but also quite pleasant to work with."

Dr. Iva Bousova
(Dept of Biochemical Sciences Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy Heyrovskeho, Czech Republic)

"In the last three years I published three reviews about neural networks and the resulting pharmacotherapy in diseases such as generalized epilepsy, major depression in two Bentham Science Publishers’ journals: Current Medicinal Chemistry and Current Drug Therapy. The reviews reached a large diffusion and were quoted several times in other scientific works. Through this activity, I was also able to assist for the second time actively at the International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy in Dubai.

I am very satisfied with the cooperation from Bentham Service Publishers, and I would like to mention the excellent communication and the technical assistance in the publication of my article. I will go on working to examine neural networks in neurological and psychiatric diseases in order to optimize a multimodal pharmacotherapy."

Dr. Felix-Martin Werner
(Institute of Neuroscience of Castilla and León, Laboratorio de los Sistemas Peptidérgicos, Salamanca, Spain)

"It is a pleasure for me inform you that our contributions in Bentham Science Publications have been highly satisfactory. You are always availabe to solve problems, your instructions are clear and concise and your answers are always quite quick.

I hope we can continue collaborating in the future."

Dr. L Martín-Banderas
(Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Seville, )

"We are at the fourth experience in publishing with Bentham Science Publishers. Judging by the high number of citations reached for each of our papers previously published with Bentham, I am very happy about our reciprocal collaboration. I appreciate the kindness and availability of your staff during all steps in the publication process.

Thank you once again for your work and efforts. Looking forward for future opportunities."

Dr . Monica Montagnani
(Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology Pharmacology Section Medical School University, Italy)

"Current Medicinal Chemistry is good at promoting the journal to researchers by sending invitation emails and this is how I was attracted to submit our research. I also like the fast turnover of peer review as the process often take too long. CMC is a high impact and efficient journal and I am happy to consider it as a first choice for our natural product research in the future."

Dr. George.Q Li
(Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, Australia)


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