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Open access Plus

After receiving acceptance of the submitted manuscript, the corresponding author is offered the option of Open Access Plus, which entails payment of a certain fee to make the published article freely available online via the journals’ website. Publication as open access allows the widest possible dissemination of the paper to scientists all over the world even if they do not subscribe to the journal. If an author, however, does not choose to pay the open access publication charge, then their article will be published with the standard subscription-based access at no cost. Open Access Plus articles are clearly indicated on the journal's online contents page.

Open Choice Benefits

When you choose Open Access Plus, the benefits to authors and readers are:

  • FREE to View: Open Access journals are FREE to view, download and print in compliance with open access mandates.
  • Citations: The article has the potential to receive much greater citations because of its content being available to readers who do not subscribe to the journal.
  • Self-archiving: There is no embargo on the archiving of articles published under the OPEN ACCESS PLUS category. Authors are allowed deposition of such articles on institutional, non-commercial repositories and personal websites immediately after its publication in the journal website.
  • Compliance with Funding Agency and Institutes: To find a list of funding agencies where authors can apply for funding to have their articles published as open access in the journal please visit the link
  • Full text in PubMed Central: The published version will be made freely available on PMC/Europe PMC.
  • Creative Commons License: Open Access Articles are licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (CC-BY 4.0) (, which permits unrestricted, distribution and reproduction in any medium, ensuring that the work is properly cited.


After your article has been accepted for publication, you will receive an email from the editorial office. You can then opt for your article to be published as open access. Alternatively, you may write to your journal Manager with such a request.

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