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Second volume in the Frontiers in Myocardia series is now published

Public Release: 22-JAN-2019

This book is by Dr. Shinro Matsuo, published on: December 5th, 2018.

Book: Clinical Nuclear Cardiology: Practical Applications and Future Directions

The volume provides information about the clinical application of imaging techniques (such as SPECT and PET) in clinical practice with the goal of guiding health care professionals to make informed decisions for identifying cardiac risk in patients with heart disease.

The comprehensive range of themes covered in each volume will be beneficial to clinicians, immunologists, and R&D experts looking for new anti-cancer targets and patents for the treatment of neoplasms, as well as varied approaches for cancer therapy.

The information in the book covers four broad aspects of nuclear cardiology:

- Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy

- Fatty Acid Imaging

- Neurotransmission imaging

- Molecular Imaging and Preventive Medicine

Readers will be equipped with information necessary for understanding the diagnosis and management of a variety of cardiomyopathies through various imaging technologies. This volume is a comprehensive reference for cardiologists and medical imaging technicians involved in clinical settings as well as medical students who require an understanding of the cardiovascular aspects of nuclear medicine.

About the Author:

Dr. Shinro Matsuo

Dr. Matsuo received his PhD in Medicine from Shiga University of Medical Science (SUMS) in Shiga, Japan. Following a postdoctoral fellowship of internal medicine, he continued to serve as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Medicine at SUMS. He has been a Medical Director in Outpatient's Office and an Associate Professor of Kanazawa University Hospital. He has published over 200 scientific manuscripts and book chapters and has given numerous lectures on a variety of topics at both national and international meetings. His great achievement of the research had been awarded the Japanese Society of Nuclear Cardiology Award 2008 and Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine Award 2012. He is a Certified Member of Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Japanese College of Cardiology, and the Japanese Circulation Society and Japanese Society Nuclear Medicine, an Executive Secretary Member of Japanese Society of Nuclear Cardiology.

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